Vizzles 2 – Mysterious Museum

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Tired of regular, boring puzzles? Try a different type of puzzle: a search-and-find jigsaw puzzle adventure where finishing is just the beginning!

They’re the perfect way to keep your family entertained. Whether you’re looking for a fun challenge or just a way to pass the time, our puzzles are a unique combination of games & riddles. Once the puzzle is finished, the fun doesn’t stop there. Unlock a secret envelope with 30 riddles to solve and locate on the artwork.

Plus, piecing together puzzles helps develop problem-solving skills, and encourages creativity and critical thinking. So get your hands on one of our wondrous puzzles today – you won’t be disappointed!

🧩 1000 piece puzzle

🔎 30 riddles to solve and find

🌎 Ships worldwide within 48hrs


🏆 The #1 most funded puzzle in Australia on Kickstarter

Finish Your Puzzle

A puzzle within a puzzle, where finishing is just the beginning!
Vizzles Puzzles

Open Your Secret Envelope

Discover the amazing riddles
and secrets hidden within
Mysterious museum secret envelope jigsaw

Begin Your Adventure

Solve 30 mind-bending riddles, locate the answers on the artwork and explore each mini world!
Mysterious Museum Vizzles Puzzle Riddles

Begin Your Adventure

Solve 30 mind-bending riddles, locate the answers on the artwork and explore each mini world!
Mysterious Museum Vizzles Puzzle Riddles


Includes 🎁 Box,  🧩 1000 piece jigsaw,  ✉️ envelope,  📃 30 riddles & answers

For History Buffs

Arrive at the Mysterious Museum & find all the hidden artefacts!

  • Premium matte finish
  • Triple layer coreboard
  • Precision cut pieces
Mysterious Museum Vizzles Puzzle
Mysterious Museum Vizzles Series 2 Puzzle

Available Now

Uncover the mysteries of history
Vizzles Characters Samuel Milham


There are a wide range of benefits gained by assembling jigsaw puzzles or solving riddles. Our puzzles combine both!

Improves Memory

Strengthens neural connections and increases the generation of new connections.

Boosts Mood

Dopamine is released as you place each successful puzzle piece, boosting your mood.

Raises IQ

25 minutes a day solving puzzles and riddles can raise your IQ by 4 points.

Decreases Stress

Your brain enters a state similar to deep sleep when assembling puzzles.


❌ All pieces the same

❌ Low quality

❌ Nothing to do after finishing

❌ Generic, boring artwork

❌ No detail

❌ No riddles to solve


✔️ Each piece unique

✔️ Premium quality

✔️ A puzzle within a puzzle

✔️ Unique artwork

✔️ Extreme detail

✔️ Riddles and secrets to solve

Vizzles Jigsaw Puzzles Art

Wondrously Whimsical Art

Each of our search-and-find puzzles are packed full of vibrant colour and curious characters that take over 100 hours to illustrate!



Would just like to say that the puzzles arrived last week and they are amazing. Just finished the last of them tonight. Thank you so much and looking forward to the Peter Pan one!

Stephen S.


Really enjoyed the first two and eagerly awaiting the third. Keep up the good work. 

Joshua H.


Recieved my puzzle today. South wales uk. The usual great quality you would expect from a sam campaign. I couldnt resist, I tore open the envelope just to proudly check that my riddle had made it into the game. Thank you sam, really happy with it.

Kelvin F.


The puzzle pieces are very sturdy and you don't get a bunch of puzzle dust in the box like you do from a lot of other puzzles that use inferior supplies. I was quite pleased with the quality of the puzzle.



Dang Sam, you are killing it! Can't wait for the next installation!!



Received today! Looks amazing and cannot wait to play. As always Sam amazing work!

Aaron M.


My son loves the Mysterious Museum puzzle. Thank you!



Can't wait for the neverland one! I love Alice In Wonderland too!

Jessica T.


I discovered these and backed when series 3 was on KS. Looking forward to the 4th. Now I want the whole collection

Garrett R.


My season 2 just arrived! It's going to wait to be opened as it's for Christmas.

Gregg S.


Thanks for a great puzzle. My only regret is that I didn't buy two.

Matt W.


Veeeeery nice artwork! It is super funny. Thank you for your great work.



    Mysterious Museum Vizzles Series 2 Puzzle

    Step Into A Mini World

    Explore all the secrets within the Mysterious Museum...


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