Skip Bo Card Game

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  • Ages 7+
  • Players 2-6
  • First player to use all the cards in their stockpile wins
  • Players use skill and strategy to create sequential stacks of cards
  • Skip Bo is the ultimate sequencing card game from the makers of UNO

A fresh new look at the classic, strategic card game that’s been a favorite with kids and adults for years
A member of Mattel’s popular family of Uno card games, Skip-Bo resembles speed (or spit) in the same way that Uno takes after crazy eights. Out of a 162-card deck, two to six players are each dealt 20-card “stockpiles”; the first one to deplete their pile wins. Competing either alone or in teams, players draw from a central pile and stack their cards sequentially onto one of four “build” piles (for example, an eight onto a seven, a three onto a two), using plentiful Skip Bo wild cards to break up static situations. Deceptively simple and ingeniously designed, this classic game offers plenty of strategical opportunities, or it can just make a nice backdrop to socializing and munching on potato chips.

Skip-Bo is simple and fun! A game the whole family can enjoy! Brought to you by the makers of Uno, Skip-Bo is a card game where the you try to build piles of cards in sequential order of 1 through 12. The first player to put all their cards in sequence wins. Skip-Bo comes complete with 162 cards and rules. A great game to enjoy with family and friends. Skip-Bo is suitable for 2 to 6 Players or Partners, age 7 and up.