Silverwood Grove


Silverwood player info

Beyond the borders of humanity lies a hidden glen; Silverwood Grove.

A place where every tree, rock and plant has a purpose.

Silverwood Grove is a wonderfully illustrated Euro style game for 1-6 players.

Build the greatest woodland village and gain the most victory points to be crowned the winner!



Silverwood Grove Short Intro

Silverwood Grove is a wonderfully illustrated card game set in a mythical Australian realm. Players must create their own woodland village by collecting resources, hiring and promoting employees, building and upgrading locations, and researching and developing their character or tribe.

Choose from a wide range of Australian woodland characters to play.

Select your region to begin building your empire.

With an innovative Turn Phase token, the power is literally in your hands to craft the greatest region of Silverwood Grove.

Will you join the noble Kakadu – traditional ancient creatures who are the eyes of Silverwood Grove and have a network of allies, spies and informers who let them shape this woodland realm to their own desires?

Or the young and friendly Daintree – influential, expansive and with a lot of potential?

Or the wisest of all – Flinders – admired for their foresight, secure in their strength and authority for the denizens that make Silverwood Grove their home?

Silverwood Grove is a 1-6 player game of Action Selection and Action Rotation, using an innovative Turn Phase Token that requires you to decide when to Turn, as it costs an Action (AP) to change to different action sides. In using the Turn Phase Token, players can collect and trade resources, and then use these Resources to fuel further actions. By synergising their strategy, players can Hire and Promote Employees, Build and Upgrade Locations, and further strategize their way to victory.

Silverwood Grove takes place over 10 rounds, with 5 actions per round, and plays in around 30 minutes. Players score their VP and the player with the most considered the winner and the creator of the greatest region of Silverwood Grove.

1,443% funded on Kickstarter with over 2,270 backers!


For 1-6 players, ages 8+, with a nice solid 45 min game time.


Resource management
Card drafting
Set collection
Victory point scoring


“Saw awesome looking card game and gets excited. Sees it’s made by a fellow Aussie, threw my money at it!”

-Aaron M.

“I just wanted to say congrats on a successful campaign. We have learned so much from you and are so appreciative of that. We are excited to experience your creativity and products in the future.”

– Justin G.

“Saw it on FB and had to click and read through. So excited. Chose the bundle with all three games. My students are going to leave these games! Congrats! ”

– Debbie


  • 18 character cards
  • 36 employee cards
  • 36 location cards
  • 6 player boards
  • 1 rulebook
  • 6 turn phase tokens
  • 42 tracking cubes
  • 1 score tracker
  • 16 player tokens
  • 2 round tokens
  • 6 tribe unite cards
  • 12 soloscenario/AI cards
  • 18 The Hunt cards
  • 18 Climate Calamity cards


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