Lost In Valhalla

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⚔️ Lost In Valhalla – A fast & fun survival card game!

Set in the epic Norse afterlife with over 100 amazingly illustrated characters.

Craft. Explore. Survive. Escape!



Lost In Valhalla is a survival card game popular with families and kids. Featuring crafting, fighting and scavenging set in the mythical afterlife of Valhalla.

You play as a modern soul accidentally sent to an ancient afterlife – Valhalla.

Be the first player to escape Valhalla by finding resurrection runes – all while scavenging for supplies and fighting off dangerous foes with mighty weapons!

1523% funded on Kickstarter with over 1,500 backers!


For 1-6 players, ages 8+, fast & fun 20 min game time.


“Saw awesome looking card game and gets excited. Sees it’s made by a fellow Aussie, threw my money at it!”

-Aaron M.

“I just wanted to say congrats on a successful campaign. We have learned so much from you and are so appreciative of that. We are excited to experience your creativity and products in the future.”

– Justin G.

“Saw it on FB and had to click and read through. So excited. Chose the bundle with all three games. My students are going to leave these games! Congrats! ”

– Debbie


  • 43 material cards
  • 36 item cards
  • 30 foe cards
  • 18 rune cards
  • 5 feast cards
  • 5 health potion cards


Untrainable Dragons

  • 10 dragon foe cards
  • 5 item cards
  • 3 rune cards
  • 2 feast cards

Welcome To Hel

  • 5 underworld foe cards
  • 2 item cards


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