Fairy God Plumber

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A Monster Poop Memory Card Game

  • Take turns trying to match the pairs of monsters with their poop in order to unclog their toilet and brighten their day… but be careful – there are hidden surprises and dangerous hazards too!
  • An exciting memory card game that promotes cognitive learning for ages 6+
  • Fun for the whole family with a quick and easy 15-20 minute playtime
  • A fun addition to anyone’s collection, easy to learn with hilarious monsters and artwork from illustrator Sam Milham


Fairy God PLumber Card GAme


Fairy God Plumber is a cheeky card game about matching the mythical monster poop to win. Find more matches than your opponent, and avoid (or take advantage of) special hazard cards.



  • Over 60 awesome cards
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Play with half a deck or full deck
  • 159g
  • 11cm x 9cm x 2.5cm