Don’t Let It Die


The Don’t Let It Die co-op Survival Game

Lightning strikes a nearby tree… Fire!

Your group of Neanderthals must now work together to keep the fire going long enough to
learn its mysterious powers and destructive capabilities.

You have to survive 14 days while uncovering the secret of fire before a massive flood drowns
the valley and snuffs out the flame of humanity’s future…

  • 1-4 Players
  • Ages 12+
  • 60+ Hrs Playtime
  • Screen free

♟️ Quality pieces

🕒 60 + hours of fun!

🌎 Ships worldwide within 48hrs




“Love the game! Played this weekend with my son! Won in 9 days!! Can’t wait to play again.”

– Matt H.

“Just arrived. Looks fantastic, good quality components. Can’t wait to get this on the table this weekend.”

– Mike C