Make Your Next Kickstarter Campaign A Massive Hit!

Reach The Funding Goal of Your Next Campaign with Creative Services For Kickstarter Game Creators

73% of campaigns on Kickstarter fail to earn a single penny because of the platform's all or nothing rule.

For your next campaign to succeed.

You need to build a strong network and find a way to make your project stick out.

This is where Creative Services For Kickstarter Game Creators By Great Games comes in!

After successfully raising over $500,000 from our 11 killer Kickstarter campaigns…

We are here to help your next campaign reach its funding goal…

We will help your next Kickstarter campaign become a massive hit by designing professional and eye-catching illustrations for it - campaign page, logos, box art, and more!

But that’s not all!

We will also inform and update our 25,000+ email list about your campaign.

The result? Your campaign will get the spotlight it deserves without you having to do anything.

What we do

We offer full creative services for Kickstarter game creators.

Think of us as like a combo between a partner and a creative studio.

We can design your entire Kickstarter campaign page as well as bring funds to your campaign through our large audience.

Like you, we’re busy.

So we’re offering our services to a small group of creators with ONE campaign to partner with initially.

Specializing in Tabletop Games!

We are not the ‘jack of all trades, and master of none.’

We only work with a select-few Kickstarter creators launching campaigns to fund their Tabletop games.

No Up-front Payment. Zero Risk. Maximum Upside.

The best part?

You do not have to pay a single penny up-front from your pocket.

Only once you reach your funding goal can you pay us.

What if you do not reach your funding goal?

Then, it costs nothing… and you owe us nothing… there is zero risk on your end.

Simply add this to your funding goal and you’re completely covered

Great Games Kickstarter Pages

kickstarter bundle


+5% funds raised

• Professional Kickstarter Page Designed To Drive Pledges
• Email Marketing Templates

• Complete pre-launch guide
• Email Sequence To Our 25k+ List:
✔️Launch Email
✔️Mid Campaign Email
✔️Final 48hr Email

All pricing in AUD
Don't Let It Die Box Art



  • First Feature
  • Second Feature
  • Third Feature
Don't Let It Die Logo PNG



  • First Feature
  • Second Feature
  • Third Feature

Want to be next?

This Offer Is Going Away Soon!

To make sure we help our clients achieve their desired funding goals, we only partner up with a very limited number of creators.

And so, this limited-time offer can end as soon as the limited spots are filled.

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make your Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign a success, do you?

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